Sunday, October 7, 2007

Forgotten Players

I've been thinking about players in the last few decades that seemed to have simply faded into obscurity and out of the public's memory. All of the players listed below represented Australia in either tests or one-day internationals, but I wonder how many people outside of Australia (and maybe some from Australia) remember them now.

Many were very well known at the time in their local states, some played between ten and twenty tests for Australia, but just couldn't make it permanently at the next level. Why do we remember some players, but forget about others?

  • Robbie Kerr
  • Rick Darling
  • Graeme Porter
  • Glenn Trimble
  • Simon Cook
  • Wayne (Norman) Phillips, not Wayne (Bently) Phillips
  • Simon Davis
  • Tom Hogan
  • Ken McLeay
  • Julien Wiener
  • Roger Woolley
  • Graeme Beard
  • Greg Campbell
  • Ken Wright
  • Phil Emery
  • Martin Kent
  • Tim Zoehrer
  • Geoff Dymock
  • Jeff Moss (my personal favourite!)
  • Shaun Young
  • Peter Sleep
  • Paul Wilson
  • Alan Hurst
  • Steve Smith
  • John Maguire
  • Andrew Zesers
  • Anthony Stuart
  • Chris Matthews
Likewise, how many people would remember Dav Whatmore, Trevor Hohns or Peter Taylor (Peter Who for those who remember 1986/87) if they had not kicked on to coaching or selecting prominence.


Samir Chopra said...

Nice list. I remember Rick Darling quite clearly. Happy hooker, South Australian, got hit on the head by Kapil Dev at Mumbai during the 1978-79 series. I admit to being confused about the Wayne Phillips; the one I remember is the leftie batsman who scored a century on debut? Tim Zoehrer - foul-mouthed wicketkeeper in the Tied Test! Jeff Moss, got dropped after helping Australia beat Pakistan in that Sarfraz Series. I remember Dymock from that 1978-79 series (amazing how some scores stick in your head, I remember he got Sunny Gavaskar for lbw for 76 at Kanpur when he was headed for yet another ton!). I remember Sleep as well (in fact, in that series in India, we had a lot of fun with names like Sleep, Darling, Whatmore!). I remember Hurst as well - from an even earlier series when India toured Australia and lost 2-3 (they were 2-0 down, squared it, and then lost the last test). I remember Whatmore scoring 77 and 54 at Delhi to help Australia save that match (again, in the 1978-79 series). In that same series, I became Kim Hughes' biggest fan in the whole wide world.

Stuart said...

There were two Wayne Phillips - one who played a single test against India when Geoff Marsh was dropped, and the left handed opener who was crucified by the selectors when they made him the national wicketkeeper (i spite of the fact he didn't even keep for his grade team in Adelaide).

Good memories.

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