Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Sub-Continent is the hardest place the bat (or why Hussey is the greatest)

The Sub-Continent is clearly the hardest place in the world to bat. Of the batsmen with the top six averages of all time (for players with over twenty tests), only Hussey has managed to conquer the sub-continent. Bradman, Pollock, Sutcliffe and Paynter all failed to score a single run away from home against India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka or even the lowly Bangladesh. Headley did managed to atleast get off the mark in the sub-continent, but ended up with a combined away average of a dismal 2 against all four of the sub-continental teams. This is in sharp contrast to Hussey, who averages over 80 in the sub-continent. It is clear from these statistics that the sub-continent is easily the hardest place to get a great batting record, and as such, Hussey’s record just underlines the fact he is the greatest batsman of all time.

Happy new year everyone!


Straight Point said...

happy new year to you and your dear ones as well...

seriously, i would like you to come up with a post (if possible of course) for why hussey is not given credit he truly deserves...are we in awe of him that he managed to get so high average? why he is not considered

Straight Point said...

opps i accedently hit pblish comment button...

i meant to say why he is not considered amongst best in not he best...

Uncle J rod said...

Your sense of humour is averaging 80.

Homer said...

in the sub continent or against the sub continent?


Anonymous said...

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cricket fan said...

Yea, he is a good player, but its going to be intrested to see if he manages to keep this average.

Now have a look at the maths of 2nd test maths:

Symondes got out on 30 in first inning ( 30 - 162 = -132 runs Australia)

Ponting got out on 17 in first inning ( 17 -55 = -38 runs Australia).
Can you see the difference of 170 runs above?

scorpicity said...

Sub-continent the hardest? Hmm... strange.

The Atheist said...

I've had a think about this. Actually, the hardest place to bat is Australia.

Husso's average against Australia is N/A, which is as good as zero.

I think that'll put his average down to about normal levels. You see? It all makes sense.

The Sporting Spirit said...

thats been said by a lot of players but I think that is also because of quality of SPIN options that the Sub Continent teams have...

Anonymous said...

No double ton in 22 Tests...

Anonymous said...

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